ES (_V6_)

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Vehicle Model Year kW HP Engine Tech. Engine Capacity Body Type Axle Configuration Tonnage More...
LEXUS ES (_V6_) 200 (ASV61_) 08/2015-/ 110 150 6AR-FSE 1998 Saloon
LEXUS ES (_V6_) 250 (AVV60_, ASV60_) 06/2012-/ 135 184 2AR-FE 2494 Saloon
LEXUS ES (_V6_) 300h (ASV60_, AVV60_) 06/2012-/ 118 160 2AR-FXE 2493 Saloon
LEXUS ES (_V6_) 350 (GSV60_) 06/2012-/ 204 277 2GR-FE 3456 Saloon
LEXUS ES (_V6_) 350 (GSV60_) 06/2012-/ 183 249 2GR-FE 3456 Saloon

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